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ONE DOWN! Hell week here we go!

ONE DOWN! Hell week here we go!



At dahil online si falseheartbeats…


I just read one of your posts. Are you sad? I hope not. Sabi ko nga, a blog is being about you. Di ba? So, don’t stop being you. :) Baka may nakikita lang sila sayo na mali and they end up judging you. Try to reflect. Walang masama dun. And. We’re always here by the way >:D<

And… dun sa kung sino man na yun. (kung finofollow mo din ako. and don’t dare leave me a message.) kanya-kanyang business yan. Walang pakielamanan dude!

So ngayon lang ako nakapagbukas ng tumblr account ko. At feeling ko, walang wala na siya :))

Do I have followers? Tingin ko, yung mga kaibigan ko lang din naman na finofollow ko din ang followers ko. At tingin ko, idle din sila. So… Wala namang naghihintay ng mga ipopost ko sa tumblr. Awww </3 =))

Well. Hindi naman tungkol sa mga taong makakabasa ang blog eh. Tama ba? It’s about being you.

So… Wala lang. Para lang may mapost ako. :))

Just another post.

What happened for the first week of school? I ate too much. Walked more. Got a tan or call it brown. Soaked in sweat. Lawl. Not that good. It was very tiring. I am just happy that my files are processing and i am able to enroll tomorrow.

The only thing that gets me excited for going to my classes is my new way of taking down notes. For me, colored pads with matching colored binder clips are cute. Mehehe. I hope they can get megood grades this sem. Wooo!

My brother told me that graduating cum laude is still possible for me. Lololol. Still trying. Fighting!

By the way… Who owns a tennis racket? I decided to take lawn tennis for my PE class. Wish me luck!

striving to be a better person

This is going to be a craze alright!

This new tea stall in Vega has the best drink in the world! It really got me the moment I tried their Popping Boba Sinkers. Really. I may be shallow but it is a must try! :D

Since my Hello Kitty balloon is rapidly deflating&#8230; I found a new Hello Kitty product! I saw this in 7-11 a while ago. Didn&#8217;t taste that good but still! :D

Since my Hello Kitty balloon is rapidly deflating… I found a new Hello Kitty product! I saw this in 7-11 a while ago. Didn’t taste that good but still! :D

Yep! Tuloy na talaga!

Mah last day is tomorrah!!!

Oh my goodness… It is really the end of my summer.

I still have problems about my registration but I hope I can finish all of that this week. I still need two subjects. Me needs good luck!!!

MCB1 is hard to get. I still don’t know if I’m able to get it…. Beym.

Soooo… I got two colored pads. A very nice memo notebook. Many pens.

I’m good to go!!!

I’m saying goodbye to summer and hello to Elbi!

Hello MONEY. =))

Jovy: Nagugutom ako. Kain tayo!
Papa: Anong bang pwedeng kainin?
Jovy: Hindi ko nga po alam eh.
Papa: Nakakasawa naman kumain eh.
Me: Nagsasawa ka kumain, Pa? Parang di halata. =))